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Session Finalization

Element Name: Session Finalization

Category: Programming

Description: Functionality that allows the unilateral termination of the session, freeing resources.

Functionality: Enables the termination of a session in Lynn.

Action Configuration Fields

For its configuration, the following parameters must be taken into account:

Report Subset (Required)

Name: Unique descriptor for the configuration box to identify the name within the flow.

[Termination Tag]: Allows leaving a trace of the termination reason associated with a label or phrase that will remain in the record for reporting.

Implementation Example

-- Preconditions:

After carrying out the action involving a dialogue, the session will be closed, resulting in the termination of the interaction and memory release.

-- Input:

Name: FinalizeSession

Termination Tag: SessionEnded

-- Outcome:

Upon conclusion of the session, a termination tag will be recorded with the entered name. That is, if the tag name is set as "SessionEnded," the recorded tag will be "SessionEnded."