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Force Execution Of Intent

Element Name: Force Execution Of Intent

Category: Action Module (Programming).

Description: Advanced functionality, manipulates intent execution from the flow, has customizable name.

Functionality: Allows activation of a different intent from the current one from an action.

Configuration Fields of Force Execution Of Intent Action

[Name]: Unique descriptor of configuration box for identification within the flow.

Information Subset (required):

[Reuse entities from the previous intent:] Selectable field yes/no.

If YES is selected, these entities can be used with the values already assigned during the redirecting intent. Otherwise, by selecting NO, the entities that are used will be empty waiting for their call to save new information (Being local entities).

[The name of the intent to execute obtained from an expression:] Defines the name of the intent where the redirection will be generated, which can be constructed from an expression. Verify that the intent resulting from the executed expression is a valid intent, in the scenarios proposed for its integration.

[Error Handler:] Selection box where the intent that will be activated in case of an error in the Force Execution Of Intent action is identified. When an error overflow occurs, the Force_Execution_Intent_Error entity will be loaded with the error details if it is available.

Note 📑 Do not confuse this action with the "Force Intent" action.

Force Execution Of Intent Implementation Example


Intent: forceIntent1 (current)

Intent: forceIntent2

Intent: ErrorH (error overflow)

-- Input:

[Reuse entities]: no

[Intent name (expression)]: ‘forceIntent2’

[Error Handler]: ErrorH

-- Output Result:

When the action is activated, the interaction jumps from the intent "forceIntent1" to "forceIntent2", skipping the backtracking that occurs in forced cases (consider the traditional "goto" as equivalent), the action is configured not to process inherited entities, so it does not store such information.

In the following hypothetical flow structure, the execution of force execution of intent would result in the non-execution of the dialog "D3_fI1".

Advanced Functions : Not declared