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Integrations with Chat Engines

Chat engines are tools used to assist customers and users through messaging platforms and online chat. These chat engines can be integrated into the customer service platform, enabling customer service agents to respond quickly and efficiently to user requests.

Lynn has the capability to integrate with these chat engines to:

  • Support certified chat engine integrations.

  • Manage puppet nodes.

  • Handle identified deflection configurations.

  • Support transfer-to-queue relationship.

  • Interface for configuring queue-affected elements and interaction variables (Kyubo).

  • Manage business parameters against Genesys chat engines.

  • Safeguard session arguments.

From the Derivation to call center Extension Module, it is possible to select the chat engine and configure its specific features. For more details, click HERE

Some well-known chat engines are:

  • Pure Cloud
  • Pure Cloud (Open Message)
  • Pure Engage
  • Pure Connect
  • Kyubo