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Campaign DND Manager

Element Name: Campaign DND Manager

Category: Outbound

Description: Advanced functionality that allows adding or removing a contact from the do-not-disturb list for a campaign.

Functionality: Adds or removes user records from the blacklist of contacts.

Action Configuration Fields

[Name]: Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification purposes in the flow.

[Campaign]: Campaign selector that manages the blacklist, must select a previously existing campaign.

[Contact Identifier]: Entity containing the contact identifier to be managed in the blacklist.

[Do Not Disturb]: Boolean expression field that supports "true/false" results where "true" indicates that the contact will be added to the blacklist, "false" will reset its status.

-- Do Not Disturb Example

This action can be applied based on the identification of a behavior that classifies the client as a candidate for DND.

[Campaign]: CampaignContacts

[Contact Identifier]: ContactEntityID <-- Matias

[Do Not Disturb]: true

Implementation Example

-- Input:

[Expression to specify the full name of the contact:] USER_NAME [Entity where the created contact ID will be stored:] CONTACT_ID [Update contact name:] NO

-- Result:

When executing the flow on a channel other than the simulator and passing through the Campaign Contact Manager box already configured, the created contact can be viewed in the contact management section of the tenant:

1- Tenant > Campaign

2- Campaign> Manage contact list

3- Contacts

Note: It should be noted that this box is associated with a group of actions under the category of outbound, allowing interaction with the Lynn Proactive module from the self-service flow.