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Voice Call Transfer

Item Name: Voice Call Transfer.

Category: Call Center.

Description: Advanced Functionality. It has a customizable name, it relies on Voice Gateway connector to transact and forward voice interactions with destination to an external call center provider.

Functionality: Allows transferring to an external Callcenter provider, essential if you wish to incorporate human attention to voice-based automation design flows.

👀 Action Preconditions:.

  • Applicable only to channels with identifiers 18 (skypeVoice), 25 (VoiceExternalProvider), 26 (VoiceInternalProvider).
  • Must take into account the setting of the TIMEZONE configuration parameter, for the correct operation of the configurations to be executed outside the defined working hours.
  • Voice connector must be active for your application.

Voice Call Transfer action configuration fields

[Name] Unique configuration box descriptor for the purpose of identifying the configuration in the flow.

[Basic Configuration Subset] **[SIP Transfer SIP Command

[SIP Transfer Command]: String type expression field in which the code given by the communication provider must be inserted.



[Session entities to be sent in the call transfer as user data] One or more entities already created must be selected, these will be sent to the external provider as additional customer information.




Subset Configuration of working hours (optional)

This section presents separate configuration boxes for each day of the week (Monday to Sunday), which may be configured with the following parameters:

  • Working hours: Selecting whether or not it corresponds to a working day (it is only possible to choose one option).
  • Schedule: The start and end time of the channel's working day.
  • Message: A message to be displayed when the service is out of hours.

[Intention to execute in case of being out of working hours]: for this tag the entity (previously created of Boolean type) that stores the actions to be executed out of working hours is selected.

Advanced Options: Not declared.