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Cognitive Evaluation

Element name: Cognitive Evaluation

Category: Cognitive

Description: Advanced functionality that allows the manipulation of cognitive evaluations (Requires connection to Cognitive Engine for operation), with customizable name.

Functionality: Performs a cognitive evaluation using the active cognitive context, depending on the cognitive evaluation context previously configured.

The following parameters must be taken into account for its configuration:

Action configuration fields

[Name] Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification purposes in the flow.

General Subset

[Expression to Evaluate]: The text or entity containing the expression to be evaluated must be inserted.

--Example1 (Fixed entity value from a string):

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'Credit card usage'

--Example2 (Defined entity "variable value"):

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[Result of the Evaluation]: Set to YES for the cognitive evaluation to be executed automatically, or set to NO for the result of the evaluation in question to be stored in an entity.

[Destination Entity - Result of the Evaluation]: Defines the entity where the result of the cognitive evaluation will be saved, as long as this option is enabled. The format must be JSON.

Important ❕

  • An entity must be configured as a requirement to establish this action.
  • The structure that makes up the entity may vary in format depending on the added cognitive engine. Consult the documentation of the selected cognitive engine or try to recover a valid response load to adjust queries in the design phase of your flow.


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[Error Handler]: Selection box where the intention that will be activated in case of an error in the Cognitive Evaluation action is identified. When an error overflow occurs, the Cognitive_Evaluation_Error entity will be loaded with the error detail if it is available.

Cognitive Evaluation Implementation Example

--Example: Greeting


Expression to Evaluate: demo_greeting

Result of the Evaluation: NO

Destination Entity - Result of the Evaluation: responseClient --> empty

--Result obtained in the entity to be defined in "responseClient":

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{ Intent:intent_welcome, Confidence:1.0, Entities: { greeting:hello } }

🔔 It should be noted that 3 keys will always be obtained as a response to the evaluation:

  • Intent
  • Confidence value
  • Entities