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Remove Awaiting Behavior

Element Name: Remove Awaiting Behavior

Category: Time

Description: Complementary functionality, dependent on the Create Awaiting Behavior action, will remove the scheduled awaiting behavior by its identifier.

Functionality: Allows the removal of awaiting behavior of any ongoing activity by its identifier.

Cancel Awaiting Behavior Action Configuration Fields

[Name:] Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification purposes in the flow.

General Subset

[Awaiting Behavior ID to Cancel:entity containing the ID of the awaiting behavior to cancel.

[Awaiting Cancellation Result:]entity that will contain the result of the awaiting cancellation activity.

Implementation Example

Note:❗ This action can cancel an awaiting activity by its ID and will not involve other awaiting actions.

Awaiting Behavior ID to Cancel: IDAB1 <-- 2035

Awaiting Cancellation Result: true -> ResultRAB