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Campaign DND validator

Element Name: Campaign DND contact validator

Category: Proactive

Description: Advanced functionality that allows validating if a contact is on the Do Not Disturb list for a campaign.

Functionality: Checks if a contact is on the blacklist of contacts associated with a campaign.

Action Configuration Fields

[Name]: Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification purposes in the flow.

[Entity containing contact identifier]: Entity that contains the contact identifier that will be managed on the blacklist.

[Campaign]: Campaign selector that manages the blacklist, a previously existing campaign must be selected.

[Entity where contact validation result is stored]: Entity that will contain the result of the query, if it exists it will be loaded with a "true".

Implementation Example

-- Input

[Campaign]: CampaignContacts

[Contact identifier]: ContactEntityID <-- Matias (ID)

-- Output

[Query result]: ValidDNDEntity --> true

Contact validation is performed in the "CampaignContacts" campaign. Since it exists on the blacklist, the output is "true".