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Pure Cloud Create Contact

Item Name: Pure Cloud Create Contact

Category: Call Center

Description: Extension module that allows creating a contact.

Functionality: Allows the creation of a contact with customizable name and a set of configurable parameters.

For its setup, the following parameters must be taken into account:

Pure Cloud Create Contact Configuration Fields (Required)

[Name] Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identifying the name in the flow.

[Region to Use] Dropdown list with created organizations where you should select the one you want to interact with.

[Client ID for token creation.] GUID field indicating the Client ID of the Genesys Cloud API for creating a connection token.

[Client secret creation token.] Alphanumeric string field where the creation token or client secret for the Genesys Cloud connection must be provided.

[Contact list identifier.] String field where you need to specify the contact list you want to update, previously loaded into Genesys Cloud.

[An ordered map of contact columns and corresponding values.] Field where a JSON entry should be provided.

[Intent to execute in case of error. The action flow will be interrupted, and the error description will be passed to the selected intention named 'PURE_CLOUD_OUTBOUND_ON_ERROR'.] Dropdown list where you must select the entity name for error handling.