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Data and Content Sources

A knowledge base consists of question and answer pairs entered from public files and URLs.

Location of Data Sources

Content is added to a knowledge base from a data source. The locations of data sources are public files or URLs that do not require authentication.

Structured Data Format through Import

Importing a knowledge base replaces the existing knowledge base content. Import requires a structured .tsv file containing questions and answers. This information helps QnA Maker to group the question and answer pairs and attribute them to a particular data source.

Graphical User Interface, Automatically Generated Description

Multi-turn Structured Format through Import

You can create multi-turn conversations in a .tsv formatted file. The format gives you the ability to create multi-turn conversations by analyzing past chat logs (with other processes, without using QnA Maker) and then creating the .tsv file through automation. Import the file to replace the existing knowledge base.

Interfaz de usuario gráfica, Texto Descripción generada

File and URL data types

The following table summarizes the types of content and file formats that are compatible with QnA Maker.

Interfaz de usuario gráfica, Texto Descripción generada