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Channel Integration Module

Dedicated to the configuration of external channels that have integration platform, the channel integration module controls all aspects of data ingestion channels integration, facilitating its administration and aggregation to a flow. The channels managed by the channel configuration tool create a channel tag that represents a connection to a channel, which can be viewed in the application flow designer.

Its main functions are:

  • Provides a centralized configuration interface.

  • Aggregation of multiple channel services according to availability.

  • Support for automation processes on channels.

  • Support for delegation interfaces on applications.

  • Integration versioning support.

  • Allows the generation and recovery of Webhook.

  • Session time scheduling associated with a channel.

  • Identify numerator, provider and service associated with a channel.

  • Integration with Channel Concentrator.

  • Support for Development Channels (Sandbox).

Channel Integrator Architecture

  • Messaging Gateway (Text) is the component that implements various connectors necessary to support Text-type channels such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams. It's a tenant-dedicated component and is installed by default when a new Lynn tenant is created. Its default installation includes the graphical interface of the Widget channel, which can be managed from a dedicated interface within the LYNN GUI. For more information, please refer to the document: Widget Designer.

  • Voice Gateway (public network phone calls) is the telephony-type component that integrates logic to support phone calls. Its primary responsibility is to integrate with the cognitive engine to perform natural language processing of voice streaming in a single step, extracting the intention and transcription of the audio articulated by the client. It is a separately contracted component and is installed in a dedicated manner per tenant.