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Web Redirect

Item Name: Web Redirect

Category: Programming

Description: Executes a redirect option to a specified URL. Depending on the channel, the invocation will be automatic or via a redirect button.

Functionality: Allows a redirection to a previously configured URL. This redirection can be automatic or by means of a button.

Web Redirect Action Configuration Fields

[Name:] Unique configuration box descriptor for the purpose of identifying the configuration box in the flow.

Subset Redirect Options

[The message to display in case the display of a redirect option applies]: Mandatory field of type string expression where the message to be displayed by the client while transferring to an available executive must be indicated. Alphanumeric data is allowed, and must be entered between double quotes as shown in the example.


"We are transferring you"

[This option hides the hyperlink on channels that can invoke automatic redirection]: Required field of type boolean. Selecting SI will automatically redirect without displaying any message or button; otherwise, selecting NO will display the transfer messages and button/link according to the output channel in use.

The url to redirect to]: Mandatory field of String type Expression where the destination url to be used for the redirection is indicated.



[Button label]: Mandatory field of String type Expression where the text that will be displayed as button/Link according to the channel being used must be entered.


"Go to page"

Example output:

Voice Call Transfer implementation example

  • Inbound.

[The message to display in case you apply the display of a redirection option]: -> "Complete the following form."

[This option hides the hyperlink in channels that can invoke automatic redirection]: NO

[Redirect Url]: -> ""

[Buttons label] -> "New customer form".

  • Result:


Button (in web chat):

Note 📑: The output type will correspond to the channel in use.