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Statistic PureCloud

Element Name: Statistic PureCloud

Category: Call Center

Description: An extension module designed to obtain statistical data from a workgroup configured in the Genesys Cloud chat engine.

Functionality: Basic functionality that can be used to obtain data such as sessions in the queue, ACW (After Call Work), and agents connected to the queue.

For configuration, consider the following parameters:

Statistic PureCloud Action Configuration Fields (Required)

[Chat Client ID.] Text field where the Chat Client ID must be defined, obtained from Genesys Cloud.

[Chat Service Password.] Text field where the service password must be defined, obtained from Genesys Cloud.

Both fields are detailed below.

[Chat Service Queues.] Text field where the name of the service queue, previously created in Genesys Cloud, must be defined.

[Entity to store the obtained statistics.] Dropdown list where you must choose or create the entity that will contain the workgroup statistics in Json format.