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Messaging Core (Core)

The core is understood to be the monolithic application that is the center of platform operations, it is capable of managing an architecture multi-applications (tenant) with logical independence and also manages their resources with horizontal elasticity according to the volume of traffic to which finds subjected

Modules that make up the core of Lynn

Modules represent important functional sections within Lynn working with some independence between instances and carrying out tasks of high scalable character value that modify or enable base functionalities of the Lynn core.

Cognitive Engine Integrator: contains the connection tools, training and administration of enabled cognitive motors in Lynn.

Chat engine integrator: this module is directly associated with the messaging orchestrator, being able to associate multiple chat engines to an application and manage its derivations. This module is also responsible for transfer data of the interaction to as “UserData” so that it is managed in the chat engines themselves.

Channel Integrator: Module dedicated to channel configuration external companies that have an integration platform.

Proactive (Outbound): includes the capacity management system proactive, where you can configure campaigns, schedules, management of templates and others oriented to proactives.

Business notifications: in charge of notifying activities of interest on the application, notifications are configured under subscription.

Transaction Method: is responsible for the metric of the charging labels that comprises a broad spectrum of segmentation, but preserving the confidentiality as it is bounded by application.

Development Channels (Sandbox Channels): offers the ability to integrate non-transactional channels under subscription to carry out tests in a development without having to have an account.

messaging orchestrator: takes care of the relationship that each instance with the different message management, registration and control systems of multimedia and everything that refers to the transaction of data that are representatives to the interaction, including external services.