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In the table below, you will find information about functionalities that are being deprecated or are in the process of discontinuation. This includes aspects such as configurations, changes in APIs, compatibility with third-party components, and other relevant elements.

Functionality Announcement Date Applicable from::
Graphical Menu Details - Reports Module

Detail: This graph located in the "Dialogs" viewing panel is available only for the validation of historical data prior to 01/07/2023. After this date, the information provided by this graph is included in the new data viewing panel Menu Details.

How it Affects?: Data can be viewed in this graph only until 01-07-23. The visualization will not be removed; however, it will not have updated information after that date.

Recommended Actions: f you need to view data related to menus after 01-07-23, you should check it in the new data viewing panel Menu Details.

10/07/2023 10/07/2023
Extension Module - QnA Maker - QnA Maker Json

Detail: These modules work with a cloud-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) service that allows you to create a layer of natural conversation over your data. Azure has announced that "QnA Maker service will be retired from the market on March 31, 2025. A more recent version of the question and answer functionality is already available as part of Azure AI Language Azure AI

How it Affects?: Customers who already have these extension modules in use will continue to operate without issues but should follow the instructions in the "Recommended Actions" section before 01-03-2025 to ensure their operability and support remain unaffected. Instead, Lynn has introduced two new modules Custom question answering y Custom question answering Json which can already be used and allow working with the new versions of Azure AI Language functionality.

Recommended Actions:Customers should plan the creation, configuration, and subsequent switch to the new extension modules. Contact Lynn's support team for assistance with the migration and update plan.

25/10/2023 01/03/2025