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Testing Functionality

In this section we will show some tests incorporating Lynn and a cognitive engine. The cognitive engine that will be used for the following tests will be Dialog flow.

The intention " \ #compras " has been created, this intention has three training sentences related to buying a notebook and the brand of this.

In Lynn the intention "compras" has been mounted, which is linked to a case with 3 actions.

  • The first action will be to show a dialogue that the purchase has been successfully processed.

  • The second action sends an SMS indicating that the purchase will be made along with the brand of the notebook to be purchased.

  • Finally, another dialogue to confirm the purchase made.

As you can see in the following images, from a trained phrase we have executed an intention belonging to the cognitive engine, in turn the intention executed the flow designed in Lynn.

With the help of the entity "@marca" we have been able to identify the brand of the notebook we want to buy, This way personalized notifications with the notebook brand have been able to be sent.