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What is Lynn?

Lynn is an integration framework designed as a tool for managing interactions that has the ability to add intelligence to business flows and offering a complete experience that responds to customer stories.


Our vision is to become the comprehensive solution for real-time interaction management, making customer service a more efficient and effective process for businesses worldwide.


Our mission is to provide an innovative platform that integrates and optimizes all customer interactions with a company in one place. We focus on enhancing the customer experience and increasing business efficiency through the automation of customer service processes, connectivity with high-quality contact centers, and the ability to personalize and scale interactions based on your business needs. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions that bring better experiences to society as a whole and be a valuable source for business growth.

Operation of Lynn

The Lynn is designed to improve messaging integration and management. To achieve this, Lynn adopts a logical separation model of applications, which encompasses a logical design scheme and service aggregation, all presented through a visual administration interface.

Focused on interaction management, Lynn aims to consolidate various tools that provide intelligence and automation to interactions. It has the capability to integrate human management services and tools as well.

Lynn enables more efficient interaction management and leverages the benefits of automation. Its intuitive approach and ability to integrate different human management services and tools make it a versatile and comprehensive solution for enhancing the effectiveness of messaging operations.