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Integrations with Applications

✔️ AI Integration: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a valuable tool that allows organizations to automate repetitive processes, personalize user experiences, and more. Lynn can integrate with existing AI technologies, such as Open AI and Vertex AI, to complement its functionalities and provide innovative experiences to users.

✔️ Azure Active Directory B2C: Azure Active Directory B2C provides enterprise identity as a customer service. Customers can use their social, business, or local account identities for single sign-on access. Lynn can integrate with Azure Active Directory B2C to offer a secure and personalized authentication experience to users.

✔️ LEA (Lynn Empathy Analytics): LEA is a technology developed by e-Contact and Lynn with artificial intelligence that allows you to measure customer emotions during interactions with your company on Genesys Cloud. Using cognitive techniques and neural networks, LEA detects sentiments during interactions and provides valuable information to make more informed decisions.

✔️ Third-Party Bots: Many organizations use bots to support their customers. Lynn can integrate with these existing bots to enhance their value and offer more possibilities for improving the customer experience.

✔️ REST API Services: A RESTful API is an interface that allows two computing systems to securely exchange information over the internet. Lynn can integrate with any REST API to gather valuable insights for decision-making within customer service strategies and provide useful data generated by interactions.

✔️ CRM Integration: CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management," which is a system for managing customer relationships. By integrating Lynn with an organization's CRM, either through REST or SOAP APIs, it is possible to leverage the information provided by the CRM to enhance customer service during and after interactions.