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Lynn not only limits itself to the integration of external channels and services, but it also provides mechanisms for exploiting its modules through the provision of REST APIs that give access to advanced integration functions such as Exploitation of graphs and history, management of proactive modules and management with the messaging manager, the latter enables the possibility of third-party bot integrations that adopt the transaction message scheme suggested by Lynn.

Types of Available APIs

Lynn's APIs can be divided into three groups based on their functionality:

  • Messaging API: Used to establish communication with Lynn and utilize the tenant's flow.

  • Proactive API: Provides a set of APIs for managing certain module functionalities. These APIs are of the REST type and require an authorization token.

  • Reporting API: Allows retrieving data that is displayed in the configured reports within the tenant.

Limitations of Messaging API

  • Load testing is not allowed on productive instances.

  • Transactions on the API must correspond to the purpose of the invoked method.

  • Resources invoked in the API must have legitimate purpose.

  • Denial calls are not allowed.

  • The test environment includes session handling restrictions.

  • Exploitation credentials must be treated confidentially.