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Outbound Reporting

It consists of a group of progression graphics and table-like visuals that will help you visualize the progress of your campaign.

Dashboard Controls (Filters)

Campaign name: list of campaigns by name. Campaign mode: list of campaign dialing modes. Load description: list of performed loads. The load name describes the date/time_user_number of loaded records.


Campaign Records

El gráfico representa la suma acumulada en el tiempo de los estados de registros de campaña.

Below is the definition of each Record States:

State Description
Ready The record will be processed when the campaign is executed. Validated record ready to be sent.
InProgress Lynn has the record in progress to be sent.
Sent It has been sent, and receipt has been confirmed by the social network.
Confirmed Confirmation of delivery or reading by the social network.
Reacted State when the user reacts to the proactive message.
SentInSession User reacted with an active session. Counted within "reacted."
Error An error occurred while processing the campaign record.
Cancel When the campaign record is canceled from the self-service flow.
Dnd When executing the record, the contact is on the Blacklist for the campaign.

Channels records

This graph presents the cumulative sum over time of the campaign records created for each channel.

Campaign activity

Displays the mode and status of campaigns over time.

-- Campaign Status

 + Awaiting: Campaign paused
 + Dialing: Campaign in progress

-- Campaign Mode

Mode Description
Manual The start and stop of the campaign require administrator action.
Scheduled The start and stop of the campaign will happen automatically according to the configured start and end dates. During this period the campaign will behave as AlwaysOn.
AlwaysOn The campaign will always be in a started state. Created campaign records will be processed automatically. This execution mode supports scheduled records.

Current campaign status

A table detailing the last recorded state for each campaign. The table summarizes the mode, the date recorded for the last state, and the current status of the campaign.

Detail OutBound

Campaign Record Table. Allows visualization of the campaign records that have been processed and their status.

Below is the definition of each field:

Field Description
Criteria Contact name
Status Last status of the campaign record.
CampaignName Campaign name.
Date Date when the campaign record was processed.
ValidUntil Date until which the campaign record will be valid.
ValidFor Date until which the campaign record will be valid in seconds.

Detail daily Campaign

Daily summary table with the sum of the states through which the campaign records have passed. The table includes the breakdown of Lynn in which the records were executed.

Records Overdue

Sum of scheduled records that are attempted to be executed after the scheduling date.

Reacted in session

Sum of records that have been reacted to with an active session.