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Lynn Proactive Module

Lynn Proactive module is in charge of modeling, managing and controlling the behavior of OutBound interactions from the platform. This module offers a powerful tool that improves the customer service experience and the provider, thanks to the omnicanality that the platform manages supported by the creation of cognitive auto-attention flows.

Lynn Proactive operates using a Contact that can be obtained from previous customer interactions with the platform or through massive imports (WhatsApp), and a Campaign that is in charge of defining the contact strategy. Each message sent to a contact through a campaign is represented in the platform as a Campaign Record.

Its main functions are:

  • Manage campaign resources.

  • Manage proactive action modes.

  • Enable learning and registration of users eligible for campaigns.

  • Allow the loading of campaign banks.

  • Define strategies associated with campaigns.

  • Allows scheduling of interactions outside of business hours.

  • Allows the loading of HSM templates for WhatsApp channel.