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Statistic Kyubo

Element Name:Statistic Kyubo

Category: Call Center

Description: Extension module designed to obtain statistical data from a workgroup configured in the Lynn Kyubo chat engine.

Functionality: Basic functionality that can be used to retrieve data from the queue or workgroup, such as queue sessions, ACW (After Call Work), and agents connected to the queue.

Prerequisite: Create a workgroup or queue in Kyubo.

To configure it, you should take into account the following parameters:

Statistic Kyubo Action Configuration Fields

[Name]: A unique configuration box descriptor for the purpose of identifying it in the workflow.

[Kyubo Workgroups]: Text field where the name of the workgroup previously created in Kyubo must be defined.

[Entity to store the obtained statistics]: A dropdown list from which you should choose or create the entity that will contain the workgroup statistics in JSON format. The statistics to be delivered are as shown in Kyubo:

Implementation Example


Kyubo Workgroups: Test_ModulesExt

-- Input:

[Kyubo Workgroups]: Test_ModulesExt

[Entity to store the obtained statistics]: est_kyubo

-- Result:

est_kyubo <--

                "QueueSessions": "0",
                "RealTimeWaitingTime": "0",
                "ConnectedSessions": "1",
                "AcwSessions": "0",
                "ConnectedAgents": "1"
            "Workgroup": "Test_ModulesExt"