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Lynn's architecture is based on a monolithic application that works as an orchestrator between the different elements that make up the modules of integration and service management.

High Level Diagram

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Lynn has two management environments (Development and Production) of interactions each environment is independent and present characteristics of resources and limitations adapted to the use and security that represents them.

Advice:You can consult the environment in which you are connected and switch between scenes by checking the scenes button on the top panel of Lynn's admin interface.

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Development Environment

Oriented to the design of flows and proofs of concept, it has characteristics limited oriented to development flows. This environment is responsible for progress logical flows towards the productive environment.


  • Limit of concurrent sessions (50 ses/channel - ex>emulator)

  • Possible consumption limit (70 thousand dg)

  • Betas and alphas

  • Resources

  • NOP updates

  • Requirement Support

Production environment

High capacity productive instance, oriented to flow management productive.


  • Modification of flows is not allowed

  • Blocks due to denial flows

  • User management without progression is not allowed.

Relations between environments

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