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Force Case Execution

Element Name: Force Case Execution

Category: Programming

Description: advanced functionality, manipulates case execution from the flow, customizable name.

Functionality: This box allows you to redirect flows and create subsets of cases for execution. After the flow is finished, it will continue with the previously configured flow and order.

Tips 📖:

  • Consider case nesting, do not exceed four (4) levels of nesting.

  • Avoid cases with 20 or more consecutive actions, instead reuse sets of cases associated with their usability, this will allow you to have more compact and auditable flows.

  • Take into consideration the load of entities associated with the intention, global variables, and conversation variables, as well as their validity or preloading, so that your entities have the correct information.

Force Case Execution Action Configuration Fields

[Name] Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification in the flow.

General Subset

[Case Name to Execute]: You must select the case where the redirection will be generated. This case must be created and its selection will be from the list of available cases.

[Error Handler]: Selection box where the intention that will be activated in case of an error in the Force Case Execution action is identified. When an error overflow is executed, the Force_Execution_Case_Error entity will be loaded with the error detail if it is available.

Force Case Execution Implementation Example

You can create a welcome intent where:

  • The first action will correspond to a dynamic menu box (Request Dynamic Menu) that will contain 2 options:

         Cognitive Evaluation
         Write Customer Satisfaction Survey Result
  • The second action will be a 'force case execution' box. This will be configured by selecting the name of the case already previously created that will execute a dialogue.

  • The third action will be another 'force case execution' box. This will be configured with the selection of the case that will execute a survey.


**Important ❕ The connection to each Force Case Execution box must have a condition created in relation to the menu.

Ejemplo (nombre_menu == valor_opcion_menu):

    menuBienvenida=='Cognitive Evaluation'

The small flow should look like the following image:

When running the flow, if the option chosen was: Cognitive Evaluation it will show the dialogue configured in the case, and after that, it will end the flow. Otherwise, it will show the configured survey, without going through the case that will execute the dialogue.

This box allows you to maintain order in the flow, since if there is an extensive case, it will not influence the order of the main flow.