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Cognitive Engines

In this documentation we will focus on understanding in general the functioning of cognitive engines, the integration with Lynn and the advantages offered by the use of these.

Before trying to understand what a cognitive engine is, we must handle the concept of Bot. The Bot is an application capable of performing tasks autonomously, interacting with humans through a communication channel, usually communicating with it in natural language.

For a Bot to be a useful tool, it is essential for both the recognition of the user's will and the configured response to be correct. For this, the use of cognitive engines is essential, which incorporate NLP (Natural language processing) modules that will allow us to define the query intent of the user through training processes.

Implementing a bot with Conversational AI is an excellent way to automate attention and improve the service provided by agents, in the medium term, it translates into cost optimization. In this way, organizations can guarantee that the work is done 24/365, human errors will be reduced and also expenses. By using bots in your Customer Relationship Management strategy, you can be sure that your customers receive the best assistance, efficient and competent.

Every cognitive engine emulates human thought through advanced computing techniques in order to predict and interpret the actions to be taken. The skills of the cognitive engines are trained (not programmed), this allows them to face any challenge that the administrator considers.

These capabilities are exposed through a series of services or APIs, these APIs are exposed through the Internet with REST protocols that communicate through xml and json formats, additionally, they make available a series of SDKs with which Lynn interacts.

Microsoft, IBM and Google are mainly aiming numerous efforts at the development of this technology. Some examples are Microsoft with the development of its Cognitive Engine WATSON, IBM with LUIS (Language Understanding) and Google with Dialog Flow SE and Dialog Flow CX, among many more cognitive engines that can be found in the market.

It should be noted that Lynn incorporates the main cognitive engines of these companies. In the next chapters we will explain how Lynn integrates and is able to integrate any cognitive engine.