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Validate Chat With Agent

Element Name: Validate Chat With Agent

Category: Call Center

Description: Basic functionality consisting of a configurable dialog box with a customizable name.

Functionality: Allows for determining if there was interaction with an agent by analyzing dialogs identified as "agent" and separating them from system-generated dialogs.

Action Configuration Fields for Validate Chat With Agent

[Name]: Unique descriptor of the configuration box for identification within the flow.

General Subset

[Number of Messages to Skip]: Integer field defining the number of messages to skip.

[Entity Name to Store Result from Expression]: This field should contain the entity where the result will be stored, which can be either "true" or "false".

Implementation Example

Context: The post-attention survey will only be triggered if the minimum number of agent messages in the conversation is exceeded, for this example, that number is 4.

[Number of Messages to Skip]: 4

[Entity Name to Store Result from Expression]: Apply_survey

Where: Apply_survey <- true