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Certification Process

This process aims to prepare our partners and clients to make the most of all the functionalities of Lynn. The process includes 3 certifications: Lynn Core Fundamentals Certified, Lynn Core Certified Developers, and Lynn Certified Sales Partner. The Lynn Core Fundamentals certification serves as the foundation for advancing to the other certifications. Here are the details:

Lynn Core Fundamentals Certified

Targeted towards: Individuals who want to learn about the functionalities, architecture, logic, and components of the product and pursue specialized certifications.

Mode/Duration: Online, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required for this certification.


✔️ Functioning Logic

✔️ Platform Architecture

  • Development Platform
  • Production Platform

✔️ Platform Components

✔️ Core Modules


✔️ Access and Authorization

To obtain your certificate, you must: Achieve a minimum score of 80% on the exam.

Registration: Click HERE

Lynn Core Certified Developers

Targeted towards: Individuals who want to create, modify, and maintain functionalities for their organization using Lynn.

Mode/Duration: Online, via Teams / 4 sessions of 4 hours each

Dates: To confirm the date of the new process.


• Basic programming knowledge.

• Valid Lynn Core Fundamentals Certified or completion of fundamentals training.

• Basic knowledge of JavaScript (Desirable).

• Basic knowledge of CSS (Desirable).

• Experience with block-based flow structuring (Desirable).


✔️ Flow Designer.

✔️ Cognitive Engines and other cognitive services.

✔️ Channel Integration (Chat and bot).

✔️ Outbound and proactive communications.

✔️ Reports Module.

✔️ APIs.

Lynn Certified Sales Partner (For Partners)

Targeted towards: Executives, sales managers, and pre-sales teams of our partners who want to acquire or reinforce their knowledge about the product and enhance their sales by providing solid information to their clients.

📧 For any inquiries, please email: or