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Developing the knowledgebase of QnA Maker pairs

Your QnA pairs should be designed and developed based on the usage of the client application.

Each pair can contain:

Metadata: can be filtered when making queries to enable you to tag your QnA pairs with additional information about the source, content, format, and purpose of your data.

Follow-up messages: help determine a path through your knowledgebase for the user to get to the correct answer.

Alternative questions: important to allow the search to match your answer from different forms of the question. Active learning suggestions are converted into alternative questions.

DevOps Development

Developing a knowledgebase for insertion into a DevOps pipeline requires that the knowledgebase be isolated during batch testing.

A knowledgebase shares the cognitive search index with all other knowledgebases of the QnA Maker resource. While the knowledgebase is isolated by partition, sharing the index can cause a difference in score compared to the published knowledgebase.

To get the same score on the test and production knowledgebases, isolate a QnA Maker resource.In this architecture, the resource only needs to live as long as the isolated batch test.