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Access and authorization

Lynn allows the management of access to the resources of its environments according to the role authorization model integrated into its GUI, in which there are three main roles: user, editor and administrator. Each user can have different roles per application. Additionally, the Executive roles are added and Supervisor for tenants that use Kyubo, for a total of five roles.

Application roles

Users:They can view and inspect the tenant. To be able to manage users see User Management.

Reports: This role can view all reports and create views of Lynn's static offer.

Outbound Admin: This role has general administration of outbound campaigns (create and modify campaigns, create and modify campaign record load templates). Additionally, it can view all of Lynn's reports and create views of the static offer reports of Lynn.

Editors:They can edit flows, customize parameters in Development and manage steps to productive environment.

Administrators: They have full control of the tenant.

Executives (Kyubo):They can attend to Kyubo interactions.

Supervisors (Kyubo):They manage interactions, resources and queues in Kyubo.

Actions Administrators Editors Users Reports Outbound Admin Supervisors Executives
Tenant Management
User Management
View Pricing
View Reports
Report Management ❌Creates only static reports ❌Creates only static reports ❌Creates only static reports
Flow Designer
Widget customization (Web Chat)
Outbound Campaign Management
Assign Notifications
Go to Production Step
Session Management
Entity Configuration
Element Configuration
Manage Flow Elements
Context Change
Web Redirection
Force Intent
End Conversation
Create Channel
Configure Channel
Kyubo Interface Management
Kyubo Interaction Handling

Important: modifying the scope scopes of the roles here described may vary depending on improving access to resources or new functionalities, being possible to experience differences of access between functionalities that are released in preview version (Beta).