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Nowadays Virtual Assistants are a key component in every company's customer service strategy. Supporting omnicanality has become a necessity for anyone who wants to create a customer service according to the times we live in. Our customers want and need to interact with their services at home, at work and in their car, by voice or text, from their cellphone or their intelligent integrated device.

Lynn is a Cloud platform that allows you to create intelligent enterprise-level bots with ownership and control of your data. From a simple question and answer bot to a sophisticated virtual assistant with natural language interpretation and integration with other cognitive services from different providers. Lynn makes it easy to integrate to the most used channels and social networks with a single click. It can give your bot the ability to speak and recognize natural language spoken either by phone or programmable voice assistants.

Start in minutes and then expand using our visual development interface, either for inbound or outbound interactions. Develop in a separate environment, test your developments and simulate different channels of attention. When you are ready you can take your developments to production and go back at any time.

Employ Lynn’s REST APIs to easily connect your self-service bot with your company’s backend services

Stay informed of the status of the platform or business notifications program that you can view directly on your mobile using Lynn's proactive messaging component.

Close the customer service loop by giving your customers the option to interact with a human agent sitting in a call center of the cutting-edge technologies used today in the market.