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Development Channels Sandbox Module

It is a tool oriented to facilitate interactions with the channels, giving access to the most outstanding transactional channels simply by subscribing a code that is generated in the tenant properties, in this way the waiting times and preconditions to test our developments with a channel-oriented integration are avoided, this feature is available in the Development environment and does not affect other environments. The channels available in Lynn's Sandbox Channels can vary according to Lynn's channel offer.


This new functionality is available to run channel tests in the Development Environment.

It is not available in production environment, productive channels are not affected.

The use of channels via Sandbox Channels remains subject to the restrictions of said channels.

From the announced date, tenants who only have the Development Widget channel will start operating with channel sandbox that replaces its functionality.

This utility is oriented to transactional management channels.

If the installation of a non-transactional channel in the development environment is required, please consult its activation with our support team or escalate an assisted installation request.