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User management in Lynn

User management in Lynn is centralized in the user administration tool in the Lynn Administrator GUI. An application administrator can create, edit, and delete new users, as well as edit and assign roles to users.

User management is an environment-sensitive element, so any changes regarding user administration must be managed in the development environment and, if required, progressed to different environments using either the environment management tool or the same user administration tool.

Procedure for creating users

To create a new user in Lynn, an application administrator must:

  1. Access the user management view: Go to the left-hand side toolbar > access the "Users" button.
  2. Access the user creation utility: Click the "+" button at the top right of the user management tool.
  3. Enter the user data displayed on the interface: Provide all the data that the interface suggests, especially those with the descriptor "mandatory".


  • a. The username and email address will represent the user's identity within the platform.
  • b. Do not enter user data with offensive connotations or suspicious purposes.

The entered password must meet the minimum requirements specified by the tool, a combination of uppercase, lowercase, 8 alphanumeric characters, and at least one special character.

  1. Indicate the specific access role for each application for that user.
  2. Press "accept" to complete the creation of that user in the development environment.

Procedure for editing users

The process of editing users is controlled by an interface similar to the user creation management tool. To access the tool and modify a user or their role, an application administrator can proceed as follows:

  1. Access the user editing interface: Click the edit icon on the right-hand side of the name descriptor in the list presented in the user management interface.
  2. Edit the parameters of interest, which can include:
  3. a. Editing passwords
  4. b. Editing roles
  5. c. Modifying details of the user's name descriptor

Important ❕ It is recommended not to modify the email parameter. If you want to modify this parameter, it is recommended to generate a new user and delete the previous one.

Procedure for deleting users

The process of deleting users is managed in the user management tool's list of users by an application administrator. To do this, select the "delete" button on the right-hand side of the user descriptor in the list, and the tool will guide you through the process of deleting that user.

Restricting user access

To restrict a user's access, an application administrator must manage the modifications, and it is recommended to proceed with a password change and its eventual management between environments. If you want to delete the user to restrict their access, first proceed with a password change before managing their deletion. This way, you will ensure the confidentiality of access.

User management between environments

Users and roles in Lynn are subject to the environment relationship, so to create, modify, or edit a user, you must make the modifications in the Development environment and then synchronize the changes or configurations made to the other environments through a production step. Note that you can synchronize users from the "per user" user manager and from the "per environment" environment manager.

To manage a production step from the user manager tool, an application administrator must:

  1. Edit the profile of the target user.
  2. Select the application in the user's application list and verify the roles that they will have in the target environment.
  3. Click the button attached to the right of each application descriptor, which will guide you through the synchronization process. If you want to synchronize roles from more than one application, repeat this procedure until you complete the synchronization processes per application.