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API Lynn

Lynn has a variety of Rest APIs that allow developers to integrate with the platform in order to have a customized solution to business needs, communication channels, and/or security policies, which allows for a harmonious solution.

The Lynn APIs can be divided into 3 groups identified by their functionality:

  • Messaging API: used to establish communication with Lynn and to be able to use the tenant flow.

  • Reporting API: allows to retrieve the data that is previously displayed in the reports configured in the tenant.

  • Campaign API: allows generating and managing campaigns for a tenant.

The APIs can be accessed through Postman at the following links:

In addition, Lynn provides detailed documentation for each API that includes information about endpoints, request parameters, expected responses, and code examples.

To use Lynn's APIs, an API key is required, which can be obtained through the Lynn platform. Once the API key is obtained, it can be used to authenticate each request to the APIs.

It is important to note that the use of Lynn's APIs is subject to the terms and conditions set by Lynn and its development team. Therefore, it is recommended to review and understand these terms before using the APIs.

In summary, Lynn's APIs provide a flexible and customizable way for developers to integrate the Lynn platform into their own business systems and solutions.