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Json Request From Postman File

Category: Extension Module - External Services

Description: Enables bidirectional data exchange with any JSON data server allowing consumption through HTML verbs.

It can be configured by:

  • Communication Mode with Web Service: Communication mode with the Web Service is configurable; it can be in normal or relayworker mode.

  • HTTP Method: The action to be performed for a particular resource is defined, this configuration can be (POST, GET, PUT; among the available).

  • URL to Invoke Obtained from an Expression: It has a box to enter the request expression for API consumption, entities created outside the box can be used.

    -- Example:

                type: bearer,
                bearer: [ {
                    key: token,
                    value: '+token+',
                    type: string
            method: GET,
            header: [{
                key: Authorization,
                value: 'token+'|'+ID\_SERVICIO_CERTIFICADO+'|string,
                type: text
            url: {
                raw: '+BASE\_URL\_SERVICES+'/api-XX-integracion-v1/servicio_certificados/servicio_beneficiarios/'+ID\_CERTIFICADO+',
                protocol: https,
                host: [
                path: [
        response: []
  • Timeout_Expression: maximum time configuration in milliseconds to expire the waiting time for the request call.

  • The Entity Name Where To Store The Result Obtained From An Expression: Entity name where the result of the call will be stored.

  • If The Maximum Number Of Failed Attempts Is Reached, The Action Flow Will Be Interrupted And The Error Description Will Be Passed To The Selected Intent With The Name: 'Json_Request_Error Intent to execute in case of error.