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Create Awaiting Behavior

Name: Create Awaiting Behavior

Category: time

Description: Advanced functionality. It consists of a configurable dialog box and has a customizable name.

Funcionality: allows to run a Test Case at a specific configured time.

Configuration fields of the action Awaiting Behavior

[Name] Unique configuration box descriptor for identifying it within the flow.

General subset

Type: Action Intent: The Action: Create Awaiting Behavior allows running a Test Case at a specific configured time. This time is counted from the execution of the action. The Test Case execution can be Auto-Cancelable or Not. Auto-Cancelable means that if the user writes any message, the scheduled execution of the configured Test Case will be canceled. If it is not auto-cancelable, the only way to cancel the Test Case execution is by using the action: Cancel Awaiting Behavior.

The allowed execution times are in the range of 5 to 120 seconds. Usage restrictions. The creation of Awaiting Behavior and the execution of the associated Case are subject to the following restrictions: 1. Maximum of only one scheduled Awaiting Behavior. Attempting to create another Awaiting Behavior while one is still scheduled will result in an error that can be seen in the debug module and Log. This error does not interrupt the execution flow. 2. The recursion restriction is present in the execution of the programmed cases, limited to 10. 3. It is not possible to create an Awaiting Behavior if the session is already marked for deletion. In this case, the action is ignored. 4. It is not possible to create an Awaiting Behavior if the session is in chat mode either om queue or connected to an agent. In this case this action will be ignored. 5. If the execution of the scheduled case is triggered while the session is waiting for an entity, this entity is canceled and removed from the session to promote the continuity of the execution flow.